Dayglo The Creative Life Of Poly Styrene Book (x Ray Spex) Ltd 250 Pcs Box Set

   Dayglo The Creative Life of Poly Styrene' (X Ray Spex) Book & Vinyl Collectors Edition! A HIGH QUALITY DELUXE BOX SET Limited Edition To Only 250 Pcs Wordwide! IN STOCK TO POST TODAY. This Great Deluxe Box-Set Edition is limited to only 250 copies worldwide and contains these following exclusive items. Specially re-released 7 single (Identity/ Lets Submerge) on pink vinyl (with new sleeve). A print of a Pennie Smith classic B/W photograph. A Poly Styrene tote bag. Polys handwritten concept of X-Ray Spex note. Polys handwritten lyrics for Oh Bondage, Up Yours! Polys handwritten ...
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